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All My Children DVD 289 (1995)
$11.95 $9.95
In Stock

Mid-July 1995
Running Time: 3 hours
DVD Only

Complete and Uncut; 3 consecutive episodes featuring co-stars

  • Jill Larson - Opal
  • Gillian Spencer - Daisy
  • Cady McClain - Dixie
  • Michael E. Knight - Tad

  • Kelly Ripa - Hayley
  • Mark Consuelos - Mateo
  • Robin Mattson - Janet
  • James Fitzpatrick - Pierce

  • Lauren Roman - Laura
  • Rosa Nevin - Cecily
  • Christopher Lawford - Charlie
  • Steve Kanaly - Seabone

  • Brian Gaskill - Bobby
  • William Christian - Derek
  • John Callahan - Edmund
  • Eva LaRue - Maria

  • Sydney Penny - Julia
  • Kelli Taylor - Taylor
  • Keith Hamilton Cobb - Noah
  • Lynne Thigpen - Aunt Grace

  • Darlene Dahl - Anita
  • Shane McDermott - Scott
  • Ruth Warrick - Phoebe
  • Julia Barr - Brooke

  • David Canary - Adam
  • Grant Aleksander - Alec
  • Olivia Birkelund - Arlene

Storyline highlights of these three episodes include

  • Opal accuses Daisy of trying to steal her man, Seabone
  • Cecily & Charlie have no idea they're each other's secret admirer

  • Janet & Laura are being looked after by Pierce
  • Mateo upset that Hayley is marrying Alec

  • Taylor tells Julia how happy she and Noah are together
  • Maria is falling apart over her inability to conceive a child

  • Adam tries to get Brooke back
  • Scott Chandler has eyes for Anita

  • Daisy & Opal bail a newly arrived Bobby out of jail
  • Alec seduces Hayley's mother and Hayley catches them together

Many of us think of Grant Aleksander as the character of Phillip on 'another show' but, he was a fabulous villain on AMC, remember?


Video and audio quality are VERY GOOD.

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