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2-2-82 Soap Opera Digest
In Stock

February 2, 1982

Soapy Excitement - 1981
8-pages of backstage candid photos at the Soapy Awards, featuring
Andre Landzaat...Genie Francis...Anthony Geary...Robin Mattson...Ruth Warrick...David Lewis...Tristan Rogers...Renee Anderson...everyone photographed multiple times

Cover Story: All My Children
2 Full-Page Photos featuring co-stars
Peter Bergman & Taylor Miller together in both shots
Plus The Cover Shot

Mini-Interview Of The Month:
Gloria Loring and Robert Alda
2-pages; candid inset photos of each

A Bit About Guiding Light's New Ed Bauer - Peter Simon
Article; candid inset photo with wife, Courtney Sherman

Special Luncheon toasting Digest editor Ruth Gordon
4-page article with candid photos at the luncheon, including
Jeanne Cooper...Frances Reid...Emily McLaughlin...Gail Rae

Synopses Section, multiple pages for each show with candid photos of
John Forsythe & Linda Evans...Lisa Wilkinson...David Canary...Debbie McLeod...Brenda Benet...Mark Arnold...Meg Myles...Eddie Ryder...Elvera Roussel & Chris Bernau...John Wesley Shipp...Clint Ritchie...Nancy Snyder & Stephen Schnetzer...Nancy Addison & Karen Morris-Gowdy...Louise Shaffer...Wayne Tippit & Millee Taggart...Rod Arrants & Sherry Mathis...Ellen Maxted...Doug Davidson...Michele Lee

Screen Captures within the Synopses section featuring
Joan Collins...Ruth Warrick & Harriet Hall...Chris Rich & Nancy Frangione...W.T. Martin & Anthony Herrera...Deidre Hall...Alec Baldwin & Kim Zimmer...Genie Francis & Anthony Geary...Gretchen Oehler & Beverlee McKinsey...Jaime Lyn Bauer...Gretchen Wyler & Victoria Principal

Simmons Says
5-pages of fan letters answered by fitness guru Richard Simmons
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Tristan Rogers & Jacklyn Zeman Come To Brooklyn
6-page interview at a fan event; 3 candid photos together

Interview with Gary Hudson of As The World Turns
5-pages; Full-Page Photo with co-star Colleen Zenk
Plus additional photos

Interview with Doug Davidson of The Young & The Restless
How Karate Changed His Life
5-pages; Full-Page Photo, head-to-toe shot, barefoot and additional photos

A Behind The Scenes Look At A New Soap - The Proud and The Passionate
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo featuring co-stars
John Gabriel & Judith Barcroft

Days Of Our Lives Celebrity Cookbook
Candid photos and recipes from all, featuring
Robert Alda...Melinda O. Fee...Deidre Hall...Patty Weaver

Can You Identify The Cast of Y&R?
Candid Half-Page Photo of the cast from 1976, including
Brenda Dickson...Trish Stewart...Jeanne Cooper...Robert Colbert...Julianna McCarthy...Jaime Lyn Bauer...John McCook...K.T. Stevens...David Hasselhoff...Anthony Herrera...Tom Hallick...Janice Lynde...more

Soap Happening event at Tavern On The Green in New York City
Candid photos featuring
Kim Zimmer...Lori Loughlin, Sharon Gabet, Mark Arnold & Larry Joshua...Frank Runyeon & Elvera Roussel...Brynn Thayer & Gerald Anthony...Candice Earley & Sandy Gabriel...Jane Elliot & husband...Kathleen Noone & Larry Keith...John Gabriel & Ron Hale

Taylor Miller & Peter Bergman (Nina & Cliff, AMC)

Mild crease on the bottom right corner of the cover; othewise, the contents are in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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