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3-17-98 ABC Soaps In Depth
In Stock

March 17, 1998 issue of ABC Soaps In Depth magazine
March 17, 1998

Latest News, articles and candid photos featuring
Ingo Rademacher & Rebecca Herbst break up...Maurice Benard 2-page interview...Laura Koffman full-page interview...Esta TerBlanche's wedding secret out

Who's In & Who's Out, news and candid photos featuring
Eva LaRue...Real Andrews...Kimberly McCullough...Marva Hicks...Wayne Northrop

Cover Story: All My Children
6-pages; multiple candid photos featuring co-stars
Michael E. Knight, Schuyler Grant and David Canary
Plus The Cover Shot

On The Town, candid photos at assorted events featuring
Brad Maule & Jacklyn Zeman...James DePaiva, Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser & Kassie DePaiva...Rib Hillis & Steve Wilder...Lisa Ann Hadley, Jay Pickett, Nolan North, Michael Dietz & Mitch Longley...Vanessa Marcil & Tyler Christopher...Cameron Mathison & T.C. Warner...Don Jeffcoat and fan...Joseph Barbara, Thom Christopher & Ron Raines...Marlo Thomas & Susan Lucci...David Canary, Keith Grumet & Mark Consuelos...Steve Burton

Stars in Featured Interviews with Full-Page Photos and more include

  • Walt Willey (Jackson, AMC)
  • Amber Tamblyn (Emily, GH)
  • Wortham Krimmer (Andrew, OLTL)
  • Rib Hillis (Jake, PC)

Up Close & Personal, Full-Page Photos for all featuring

  • Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa
  • John J. York
  • Michael Dietz & Jay Pickett

Additional candid photos & remarks within the personal section featuring
Jennifer Bassey...Marcy Walker...Kimberly McCullough & Freddie Prinze Jr...Vanita Harbour...Erika Slezak...Robin Strasser...Jennifer Hammon...Julie Pinson

Keeping Track with Sandy Gabriel (ex-Edna Thornton, AMC)
Full-Page Interview; candid inset photo

Keeping Track with Linden Ashby (ex-Curtis Alden, LOV)
Full-Page Interview; 2 candid photos

Alumni Report; articles/updates and candid photos featuring
Linda Dano full-page...John Reilly...Scott Holmes

Special Section: Here's Lookin' At Ya!
Soaps' prettiest faces reveal how they stay ready for their close-ups
Multiple candid photos and Interviews with all, featuring

  • Esta TerBlanche
  • Gina Tognoni
  • Senait Ashenafi
  • Alla Korot
  • Lisa Ann Hadley

If you could've lived in any historical period, when would it have been?
Candid photos and replies of
Michael Lowry...Senait Ashnafi...Cameron Mathison...T.C. Warner...Florencia Lozano...Robert S. Woods...Michael Dietz...Nolan North

Star Style, candid head-to-toe photography featuring
T.C. Warner...Kelly Ripa...James DePaiva...Susan Lucci...Marva Hicks...Rib Hillis...Jennifer Sky...Jacklyn Zeman...Vanessa Marcil...Sarah Michelle Gellar...Cameron Mathison

Until Next Time with Ingo Rademacher of General Hospital
Full-Page Photo

Interview with Amber Tamblyn (Emily on General Hospital)

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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