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Another World DVD 260 (1994)
$5.99 $4.99
In Stock

Summer 1994
Running Time: 2 hours

Complete and Uncut; 2 consecutive episodes featuring co-stars

  • Julian McMahon - Ian
  • Amy Carlson - Josie
  • Judi Evans - Paulina
  • Tom Eplin - Jake

  • Victoria Wyndham - Rachel
  • Charles Keating - Carl
  • Paul Michael Valley - Ryan
  • Stephen Schnetzer - Cass

  • Mark Pinter - Grant
  • Christine Tucci - Amanda
  • Grayson McCouch - Morgan
  • Colleen Dion - Brett

Storyline highlights of these two episodes include

  • Vicky has run off with her son on the eve of her custody hearing
  • Josie spends the night with Ian while Paulina spends the night with Jake
  • Rachel announces to her family she is marrying Carl Hutchins

  • Morgan & Brett on vacation together; all shirtless scenes with McCouch
  • Paulina catches Josie coming out of Ian's shower
  • Grant finds out that Vicky has taken off with his son

  • Brett refuses to wear a bathing suit & tells Morgan she hates her body
  • Paulina and Ian break up - NOBODY cries like Judi Evans!
  • The judge awards custody of Kirkland to Grant and issues a warrant for Vicki's arrest

Great 3-4 minute musical montage at the end of the 2nd episode with flashbacks featuring the romance of Ryan and Vicky. This is the only time in the 2 episodes that Jensen Buchanan (Vicky) appears onscreen. Also...if you adored Charles Keating (Carl) like I did back then, these two episodes are to die for!


Video and audio quality are VERY GOOD.

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