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May or June 1994
Running Time - 3 hours

Complete and Uncut; 3 consecutive episodes featuring co-stars

  • Anna Stuart - Donna
  • Matt Crane - Matt
  • Charles Keating - Carl
  • Victoria Wyndham - Rachel

  • Diego Serrano - Tomas
  • Anna Holbrook - Kate/Sharlene
  • Robyn Griggs - Maggie
  • David Forsyth - John

  • Linda Dano - Felicia
  • Judi Evans - Paulina
  • Tom Eplin - Jake
  • Robin Christopher - Lorna

  • Carmen Duncan - Iris
  • Mark Pinter - Grant
  • Christine Tucci - Amanda
  • Amy Carlson - Josie

  • Randy Brooks - Marshall
  • David Hedison - Spencer

A few storyline highlights include:

  • Engagement party for Matt & Donna, one knows they broke up
  • Kate & Tomas get arrested
  • Someone is threatening Carl

  • Lorna tells Felicia her new novel is no good
  • Spooky dinner party at the Corys - out go the lights!
  • John tells Josie to stay away from Kate

  • Grant may be engaged to Amanda, but he's hot for Lorna
  • Paulina apologizes to Jake for accusing him of ruining the party
  • Felicia breaks down


Video and audio quality are VERY GOOD.

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