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Everything You Want To Know About
November 1989

Latest Backstage Gossip, news and candid photos featuring
Lisa Trusel & David Wallace...Wally Kurth...Charlotte Ross & boyfriend...Joe Gallison & wife...Christie Clark, Pelle Hvenegaard & Jenny Lewis...Michael Weiss & Lisa Howard...Derya Ruggles

Steve & Kayla - Will A Past Love Threaten Their Happiness?
2-page article; large candid inset photo featuring co-stars
Stephen Nichols & Mary Beth Evans
Plus additional photos

Justin & Adrienne - There's A Place For Us
2-page article; large candid inset photo featuring co-stars
Wally Kurth & Judi Evans
Plus additional photos

Shane & Kimberly - The History Of Their Enduring Romance
3-page article; multiple candid photos featuring co-stars
Charles Shaughnessy & Patsy Pease

Full-Page Color Pinups featuring

  • Stephen Nichols & Mary Beth Evans
  • Arleen Sorkin
  • Michael Bays
  • Lisa Howard & Michael Weiss

  • Charles Shaughnessy & Patsy Pease
  • George Jenesky & Charlotte Ross
  • Billy Hufsey
  • Matthew Ashford & Melissa Reeves

Stars in Full-Page Interviews with candid photos include

  • Christie Clark
  • Patrice Chanel
  • Matthew Ashford
  • Judith Chapman

  • Peggy McCay
  • John Aniston
  • Macdonald Carey
  • Michael Weiss

Stars featured in 2-Page Interviews with multiple candid photos include

  • Stephen Nichols
  • Mary Beth Evans
  • Drake Hogestyn

  • Arleen Sorkin
  • Michael Bays
  • Wally Kurth

  • Judi Evans
  • Billy Hufsey
  • Richard Biggs

Tons of other pictorials and articles including

  • Memorable Moments
  • Past Loves Remembered
  • Two Fans Stalk The Stars!
  • Birthdays
  • Fan Clubs

  • Opinion Poll
  • Who's Who on DAYS
  • Alice Horton's Family Album
  • The Brady Family Tree
  • Salem Stumpers Quiz

April and Mike of Days, played by Lisa Howard & Michael Weiss  Emilio of Days, played by Billy Hufsey

92-pages in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.