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Guiding Light DVD 388 (1997)
$5.99 $4.99
In Stock

Late December 1997
Running Time - 2 hours

Complete and Uncut; 2 consecutive episodes featuring co-stars

  • Wendy Moniz - Dinah
  • Frank Grillo - Hart
  • Maeve Kinkead - Vanessa
  • Kim Zimmer - Reva

  • Laura Wright - Cassie
  • Kimberly J. Brown - Marah
  • Garrett Stevens - Shane
  • Paulo Benedeti - Jesse

  • Ron Raines - Alan
  • Cynthia Watros - Annie
  • Amy Ecklund - Abigail
  • Michael O'Leary - Rick

  • Tina Sloan - Lillian
  • Robert Gentry - Dr. Ed Bauer
  • Rebecca Budig - Michelle
  • Tammy Blanchard - Drew

  • Lisa Brown - Nola
  • Fiona Hutchison - Jenna
  • Elizabeth Keifer - Blake
  • Jerry ver Dorn - Ross

  • Justin Deas - Buzz
  • Maureen Garrett - Holly
  • Jay Hammer - Fletcher
  • Dennis Parlato - Roger

  • Toby Poser - Amanda
  • Grant Aleksander - Phillip
  • Beth Ehlers - Harley
  • Beth Chamberlin - Beth

  • Kurt McKinney - Matt
  • Hunt Block - Ben
  • Peter Hermann - Michael

Storyline highlights of these two episodes include:

  • Dinah throws a surprise birthday party for Hart and everyone in Springfield attends
  • Reva's house burns to the ground and Annie is the only suspect
  • Michelle has surgery; will she lose her eyesight?

  • Buzz finds out that Jenna lied to him about her baby
  • Alan tells Annie to go to hell
  • Desperate to stop Cassie from getting closer to Hart, Dinah tries to drag him into a quickie wedding at the party


Video and audio quality are VERY GOOD.

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