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Men Of Passion
1994-VHS Running Time 45 minutes

Meet four of ABC daytime's hottest guys doing what they do best...
living and loving! In four intimate video portraits, you'll be seduced by
the real men who portray these passionate characters, plus you'll enjoy
their most romantic and sexy scenes from the soaps.

Stars featured in this video include:

  • James DePaiva of One Life To Live
  • John J. York of General Hospital
  • Robert Tyler of Loving
  • John Callahan of All My Children

Follow thrill-seeking James DePaiva through his own real life adventures.

In an up-close-and-personal profile, you'll see that TV Aussie John J. York is
actually as American as apple pie.

Follow Robert Tyler off the set as he intimately shares a day in his life with you.

Watch John Callahan savor the great outdoors and reveal his innermost
secrets to you.


Original tape and its case in EXCELLENT condition.