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March 8, 9, 10, 11 of 2004
Running Time 4 Hours

Complete & Uncut; Featured performers in these 4 episodes are:

  • Ben Masters - Julian
  • Tracey Ross - Eve
  • McKenzie Westmore - Sheridan
  • Galen Gering - Luis

  • Brook Kerr - Whitney
  • Charles Divins - Chad
  • Lindsay Korman - Theresa
  • Justin Hartley - Fox

  • Liza Huber - Gwen
  • Andrea Evans - Rebecca
  • Eric Martsolf - Ethan
  • Amelia Marshall - Liz

  • Christopher Douglas - Antonio
  • Rodney Van Johnson - T.C.
  • James Hyde - Sam
  • Ryan McPartlin - Hank

Storyline Highlights Include:

  • Julian tries to talk Eve into running away with him
  • Sheridan (married to Antonio) remembers her love for Luis
  • Fox, dating Theresa, thinks she's still in love with Ethan

  • Gwen blames Theresa for the loss of her baby
  • Rebecca plotting to get custody of little Ethan
  • Antonio and Luis fistfighting over Sheridan

  • Ethan admits to Sam that he still has feelings for Theresa
  • Julian threatens to kidnap Eve; T.C. beats the crap out of him
  • Rebecca tells Julian she'll kill him if she catches him with Eve


Video and audio quality are VERY GOOD.

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