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1-10-89 Soap Opera Digest
BEST & WORST of 1988
$14.99 $5.99
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BEST & WORST of 1988"
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January 10, 1989

Ask Us, letters & candid photos featuring
Susan Sullivan...Elizabeth Hubbard...Heather Locklear & John James...Kristi Ferrell & James Goodwin

Sounding Board, letters & candid photos featuring
Tom Wiggin & Lisa Brown...Scott Jaeck...Clayton Norcross...Michael Bays

What was your favorite scene in 1988? Candid photos & replies of
Victoria Wyndham...Kin Shriner...Ian Buchanan...Frank Dicopoulos...Chris Robinson...Robin Mattson...John Loprieno...Jennifer Ashe

Cooking With The Stars: Daniel McVicar of B&B
Full-Page Photo in shorts, inset recipe for green chicken kabobs

Looking Back at 1988; 3-pages with a mix of candid shots & screen captures of
Ellen Wheeler...Grant Aleksander & Elizabeth Dennehy...Joan Collins & Michael Nader

Cover Story: The Best and Worst of 1988
Full-Page Articles with candid photos (unless otherwise noted) featuring

Most Entertaining Couple
Justin Deas & Robin Mattson - Keith & Gina of SB, screen cap
Most Mismatched Couple
Michael O'Leary & Nicolette Goulet - Rick & Meredith of GL

Best Wacko on Daytime
Barbara Crampton - Leanna of Y&R, screen cap
Best Wacko on Primetime
Teri Austin - Jill on Knots Landing

Best Love Story
A Martinez & Marcy Walker - Cruz & Eden of SB, screen cap
Most Tortured Love Story
Genie Francis & Drake Hogestyn - Roman & Diana of DAYS

Best Love Triangle
Michelle Forbes, Joseph Breen & Robert Newman - GL
Worst Love Triangle
Susan Flannery, John McCook & Nancy Burnett - B&B

Best Reconcilation
Jane Wyman & David Selby - Richard & Angela of Falcon Crest
Worst Reconciliation
Peter Davies & Susan Keith - Jim & Shana of Loving

Best Dressed Couple
Finola Hughes & Ian Buchanan - Anna & Duke of GH
Worst Dressed Couple
Neil Maffin & Robin Morse - Beau & Pam of ATWT

Best Enemies
Susan Flannery & Katherine Kelly Lang - Stephanie & Brooke of B&B, screen cap
Best Partners In Crime
Jess Walton & Jeanne Cooper - Jill & Kay of Y&R

Best Comeback
Charles Grant - Evan Bates of Another World
Biggest Letdown
Anthony Herrera - James Stenbeck of ATWT

Most Intriguing Characters
Tricia Cast and David Selby - Y&R and Falcon Crest
Best Bickering
Elizabeth Lawrence, James Mitchell, Stuart Damon & Leslie Charleson
All screen caps

Best Woman On The Edge
Kate Collins - Natalie of All My Children, screen cap
Most Over-Exposed Heroine
Martha Byrne - Lily of As The World Turns

Best Wedding
Stephen Nichols & Mary Beth Evans - Patch & Kayla of DAYS
Best Breakup
Brad Maule & Lynn Herring - Tony & Lucy of General Hospital

Best Dual Role
Anne Heche - Marley & Vicky of Another World
Best Split Personality
Lane Davies - Mason & Sonny of Santa Barbara

Best Fantasy
Beth Ehlers & Robin Leach - Harley's Fantasy on GL, screen cap
Best Turnaround
Jennifer Ashe - Meg of ATWT

Best Teen Story
Scott DeFreitas - Andy's Alcoholism on ATWT
Best Murder Mystery
James Reynolds & Cindy Gossett - The Salem Knifer on DAYS

Best Limited Run
Marilyn Michaels - Lolly on One Life To Live
Biggest Waste of Talent
William Devane - Greg of Knots Landing

Best New Characters
Jennifer Anglin, Scott Thompson Baker & Marie Cheatham - GH
Most Obnoxious Character
Robin Christopher - Skye of AMC

Best Vamp
Andrea Evans - Tina of OLTL
Best Pimp
George Jenesky with Patsy Pease - Nick of DAYS, screen cap

Best Death Scene
Darnell Williams with Debbi Morgan - Jesse of AMC, screen cap
Best Burial
Claire Beckman - Silver of AMC

Best Confession
Brian Starcher - Hank of ATWT
Most Shocking Twist
Michael Levin, Helen Gallagher & Rosemary Prinze - Ryan's Hope, screen cap

Most Creative Storyline
Tammy Amerson & Doug Wert - Fraternity Row on OLTL, screen cap
Most Disappointing Show
Charles Shaughnessy, Frank Parker & John Aniston - Days Of Our Lives

Best Storyline
Marcy Walker - Eden's Rape on Santa Barbara, screen cap
Worst Storyline
James Healey & Joan Collins - Rowan's Revenge on Dynasty, screen cap

Best Prime-Time Show
John Callahan, Dana Sparks, David Selby & Susan Sullivan - Falcon Crest, screen cap
Most Ruined Show
John Forsythe, Linda Evans & Christopher Cazenove - Dynasty, screen cap

Best Daytime Show
Jed Allan & Robin Mattson - Santa Barbara, screen cap
Best Casting
Tom Wiggin and Linda Cook - ATWT and Loving

Synopses Section, candid photos featuring
James Horan...Joy Bell...Michael Swan...Allan Hayes & Carrie Mitchum...Matthew Ashford...Heather Locklear...Gordon Thomson...Kristian Alfonso...Ian Buchanan...Tonya Crowe...Jensen Buchanan...Brian McGovern...Frank Runyeon...Peter Barton

Screen Captures within the Synopses section featuring
Patrick Duffy & Joshua Harris...John Forsythe & Linda Evans...Kim Zimmer

News Section, articles & candid photos featuring
Wally Kurth & Judi Evans...Diane McBain...Michael Wilding...Holly Gagnier...Michael David Morrison...David Forsyth & Anna Holbrook...Donna Mills...Victoria Principal...Jack Wagner

The Best and Worst Off Camera, 2-pages with candid photos of
Laura Carrington & David Wallace...Chris Bernau...Julianne Moore...Deidre Hall & Wayne Northrop

A Fond Farewell To...actors who left daytime in 1988
Candid photos and why they left, featuring
Carmen Thomas...Darnell Williams...John Considine...Brian Bloom...Lindsay Frost...Billy Warlock...Larry Gates...Roya Megnot...Robin Wright

Familiar Faces: Actors Who Returned To Daytime in 1988
Candid photos & previous daytime credits, featuring
Roscoe Born...Shelly Burch...Hugo Napier...Lisa Peluso...Mark Pinter...Frank Runyeon...Kin Shriner

Cover Story:  The Best & Worst of 1988

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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