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5-15-90 Soap Opera Digest
$7.95 $4.95
In Stock

May 15, 1990

Ask Us, letters & candid photos featuring
Shawn Thompson & Rebecca Staab...John Danelle, Candice Earley & Richard Van Vleet...Anna Stuart & Kale Browne

What's the funniest thing your child has ever said?
Candid photos & replies of
Count Stovall...Carmen Duncan...John Reilly...Gail Ramsey...Linda Thorson...John McCook...Joan Pringle...John Loprieno

Sounding Board, letters & candid photos featuring
Matthew Ashford & Melissa Reeves...Irene Dailey...Jeanne Cooper

Interview with Patrick O'Connell of Guiding Light
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Cover Story: Rock-A-Bye Baby, One More Time!
Is Pregnancy The Same For Actresses The Second Time Around?
Large Candid Photos and Full-Page Interviews with all, featuring

  • Colleen Zenk
  • Susan Pratt
  • Kim Zimmer
  • Lauren-Marie Taylor
  • Maeve Kinkead

No Kidding Around
Soap Actresses Share Their Thoughts On Raising Children
Near Full-Page Photo of Another World's Alice Barrett & baby girl
4-page article with an additional candid photo of ATWT star
Anne Sward and baby girl

Interview with Betsy Palmer of Knots Landing/Friday the 13th
Full-Page Photo, head-to-toe shot, and additional photos

Synopses Section, candid photos of
Liz Vassey & Candice Earley...Lisa Brown...Bobbie Eakes...Sheree J. Wilson...Charles Shaughnessy...John Reilly & Sharon Wyatt...Vivica A. Fox & Richard Roundtree...Jordan Clarke...Robin Strasser...Brian Fitzpatrick...Michael Palance...Stella Stevens...Jerry Douglas

Screen Captures within the Synopses section featuring
Charles Grant & Sandra Reinhardt...Kyle MacLachlan & Michael Ontkean

News Section, articles & candid photos featuring
Karen Witter...Audrey Landers...Gerald Anthony...Don Diamont...Joseph Gian & Nicollette Sheridan...Deidre Hall...Jack Wagner...Joseph Bottoms...Stephen Schnetzer & Anne Howard...Zero Hubbard...Todd McKee...William Gray Espy...Lisa Fuller...Maxwell Caulfield & Kim Morgan Greene...Robert Lich...Barbara Crampton & Brenda Epperson...Maree Cheatham...Jeff Trachta & Carrie Mitchum...Perry Stephens & fiancÚ...Eileen Fulton...Robin Christopher

Inside Track: Large Candid Photos & Full-Page Interviews with both
Jeff Trachta shirtless in bed, and Elizabeth Lawrence

Reading Between The Lines
What Stars' Handwriting Reveals About Themselves
Candid Photos and handwriting evaluations/reactions of
Darlene Conley...Arleen Sorkin...Linda Cook...Peter Boynton...Nancy Grahn...Stuart Damon...Jean LeClerc...Fiona Hutchison

Interview with Frances Reid of Days Of Our Lives
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Special Feature: The Corporate Ladder
The Lighter Side of Big Business on Soaps
4-page article with mostly candid photos featuring
David Lewis, Stuart Damon & Leslie Charleson screen capture...Sherry Stringfield & Michael Zaslow...Carmen Duncan

Interview with David Canary of All My Children
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Special Report: Bad Reputation
In the entertainment industry hierarchy, soaps sit at the bottom of the heap.
Is that where they belong? 4-page article with mostly candid photos of
A Martinez...Candice Bergen & Faith Ford screen capture...Linda Bloodworth-Thomason & Jean Smart...Larry Bryggman

Special Section: A Guide To Soap Families
Full-Page Articles for each family with candid group photos of

  • Jennifer Guthrie, Kurt McKinney, Leslie Charleson, Anna Lee, Stuart Damon, Jane Elliot & Hugo Napier
  • Elizabeth Hubbard, Larry Bryggman, Karina Arroyave, Heather Rattray & Michael Louden
  • Brenda Epperson, Peter Bergman, Jerry Douglas & Beth Maitland

  • Constance Ford, Victoria Wyndham, Russell Todd, Sandra Reinhardt & Matt Crane
  • Carrington Garland, Paul Johannson, Marcy Walker, Jed Allan, Terry Lester & Judith McConnell
  • Erika Slezak, Clint Ritchie, Patrici Elliott, Phil Carey, Jensen Buchanan & Robert S. Woods

  • Jordan Clarke, Kimberley Simms, Terrell Anthony, Robert Newman, Ashley Peldon, Kim Zimmer, Larry Gates, Gil Rogers & Audrey Peters
  • Suzanne Rogers, Aimee Brooks, Camilla Scott, Frances Reid, Rick Hearst, Macdonald Carey, Melissa Brennan, Susan Seaforth Hayes & John Clarke
  • Taurean Blacque, Joan Pringle, Debbi Morgan, Lynn Hamilton & Kristoff St. John

  • James Horan, Augusta Dabney, Wesley Addy, Noelle Beck, Robert Tyler, Elizabeth Savage, Stan Albers & Perry Stephens
  • Colleen Dion, Ronn Moss, Susan Flannery, John McCook & Jeff Trachta

Last Licks with Jed Allan of Santa Barbara
Full-Page Photo

Interview with David Canary (Adam/Stuart Chandler on All My Children)

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