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1984 Daytime Stars

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2-28-84 Soap Opera Digest
In Stock

February 28, 1984

Ask Us, letters & candid photos featuring
Nancy Frangione...Meg Bennett...Genie Francis & Anthony Geary...Kim Zimmer...Linda Evans

Sounding Board, letters & candid photos featuring
Tricia Pursley...Ellen Holly...Philip Brown...Steve Bond

Cover Story: All My Children
Full-Page Photo featuring co-stars
Kim Delaney & Laurence Lau
Plus additional photos & The Cover Shot

Interview with Doug Sheehan of Knots Landing
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Paparazzi, large candid photos at assorted events, featuring
Billy Mack & Cindy Garvey...Anthony Herrera...Eva Gabor & David Froman...Janine Turner & Jimmy McNichol...Donna Mills & Veronica Hamel

Character Study Feature with Quinn Redeker of Days Of Our Lives
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Romance In The Air At Capitol
Large Candid Photos, all in the Valentine's Day theme, featuring
Tonja Walker & Michael Catlin...Kimberly Ross & Christopher Durham...Nicholas Walker & Deborah Mullowney...Catherine Hickland & David Mason Daniels...Dawn Parrish & Bill Beyers

Synopses Section, candid photos featuring
Grace Garland...Michael Knight...Michele Shay...Anne Sward...Deborah Mullowney & Ed Nelson...Pamela Shoemaker...Bianca Ferguson...Norma Connolly...Denise Pence...Gerald Anthony...Robert S. Woods...John Gabriel...David Forsyth...Terry Lester & Jerry Douglas...Pamela Bellwood...Donna Mills

News Section, articles & candid photos featuring
Judith Chapman...Bianca Ferguson...Gregg Marx...Ken Kercheval...Henderson Forsythe...Wings Hauser...Gretchen Oehler...Julia Barr & husband...Emma Samms & Jon Erik-Hexum...Philece Sampler & Michael O'Leary...Bill Bell & Lauralee Bell...Grant Show shirtless...Tom Hallick & Christine Jones...John Forsythe & wife, Julie...Christopher Templeton

Contest Winners: A Trip To As The World Turns
Article & Large Candid Photos of the winners with
Frank Runyeon...Christian LeBlanc & Terri VandenBosch

Special Section: Soap Opera Musical Chairs
Actors who jump from one soap opera to another
Articles & Large Candid Photos featuring

  • Robert Gentry
  • Marilyn McIntyre
  • David Canary
  • Leon Russom
  • Peter Simon
  • Ann Williams
  • Kim Zimmer
  • Joe Gallison
  • Anna Stuart
  • Jack Betts
  • Richard Shoberg
  • Audrey Landers
  • Dorothy Lyman
  • Tina Sloan
  • Warren Burton
  • Stephen Schnetzer
  • Robin Strasser
  • Susan Keith
  • Robert Milli
  • Gillian Spencer
  • Joe Lambie

Sex, Lust, Greed and Power
Article on a symposioum on soap operas at New York's
C.W. Post University auditorium
Large Candid Photos of those in attendance, featuring
Julia Barr...Douglas Marland...Mary Lynn Blanks...James Kiberd 3 photos

Interview with Lana Wood of Capitol
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

What's your favorite way to relax? Large Candid Photos & Replies of
Richard Shoberg...Maree Cheatham...Stephen Yates...Catherine Hickland...Brynn Thayer...Roger Aaron Brown...Michael Woods...Sandy Faison...Perry Stephens..Marg Helgenberger...Hillary Bailey aka Hillary B. Smith...Randy Holland...Norma Connolly

Kim Delaney & Laurence Lau (Jenny & Greg, AMC)

Mailing Label? - NO
Minor crease along the top right corner of the cover; otherwise, the contents are in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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