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10-77 Soap Opera Digest
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Soap Opera Digest from October 1977 featuring Merv Griffin's Soapy Awards
October 1977

Inside Front Cover: Full-Page Pinup of All My Children star Nancy Frangione

Fur Fashion Pictorial featuring Nancy Addison of Ryan's Hope
5-pages; 4 Full-Page Photos and three additional photos in fur coats

Nancy Addison Growing Up
Full-Page Article/Interview; candid inset photo

Personality Portraits: Chandler Hill Harben of Love of Life
6-page interview; Full-Page Sketch plus 3 more photos with wife & son

Veleka Advises
4-pages of fan letters answered by star Veleka Gray
Candid inset photo

Cover Story: Who Will Win The Coveted Soapy Awards
Candid photos including
Erika Slezak...Victoria Wyndham...David Hasselhoff...more

Helen Gallagher - The Provocative Woman
5-page interview; 5 candid photos

Fan Clubs: Man's Communication With Man...
3-page article; candid inset photo of Val Dufour

Daytime Stars Reveal Their Secret Longings
What is your secret ambition? What have you always longed to do?
Candid photos and replies of
Patty Weaver...Candice Earley...Robert Clary...Irene Dailey

Celebrity Pet Parade by Kitty Brown
5-pages; Full-Page Photo with a pet wallaby

My Mistress, Barbara Rucker
or How I Found Love On The Great White Way
Full-Page Photo with her dog, 4-pages written from the perspective of her dog

Guiding Light 40th Anniversary Party
Ten (10) pages of candid photos featuring
Tom O'Rourke...Stefan Schnabel...Charita Bauer...Mart Hulswit...Stephen Yates...Robin Mattson...Janet Grey...Maureen Garrett...Gary Hannoch...Michael Zaslow...Don Stewart...Millette Alexander...Barbara Berjer...most everyone photographed multiple times

Synopses Section, multiple pages for each soap with candid photos of
Susan Lucci...Nick Benedict...Michael Nader...Edward Mallory & Rosemary Forsyth...Lydia Bruce & Glenn Corbett...Tony Craig & Terry Davis...Don Chastain & Bobbi Jordan...Jeff Pomerantz...Malcolm Groome...Marilyn McIntyre

Full-Page Pinup of Kay Heberle of The Young & The Restless
Caption/quote underneath about how she has lost 55 pounds

Full-Page Pinup of Mary Stuart
Mini-article insert about her cast being removed and walking unaided

Villains I Have Loved
4-page article with candid photos featuring
Larry Bryggman...Paul Carr...Ron Hale & Ilene Kristen...Dick DeCoit

Blackout '77 - Where were you when the lights went out?
5-pages of replies/short stories (no photos) featuring
Barry Jenner...Marie Masters...Lauren White...Mary Stuart...Joel Crothers...Lloyd Battista...Beverlee McKinsey...Veleka Gray...Jeffrey Pomerantz...Roxanne Gregory

A Favorite Recipe from a Favorite Restaurant with Nancy Addison
2-page spread; recipe for stuffed flounder; near Full-Page Photo

Fur Fashion Pictorial with Nancy Addison (Jillian Coleridge on Ryan's Hope)

Mailing Label? - YES
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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